Our logistical center where the products are collected is located in a region of Holland called ‘Westland’. This region is also known as ‘Glass City’ because, for more than a century, it has contained the vast majority of all greenhouses in Holland (and Europe). Westland is centrally located between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam harbour, where all fruit and vegetables to and from Western Europe arrive. This means that both growers and major importers of produce from all over the world are concentrated in this area. It also means that the distance from our suppliers to our facility is just a short drive, enabling you to make last-minute additions to your order with the minimum of fuss.
Your order is made ready for shipping on the same day that we purchase and receive the products. Just a few hours later, your shipment is transported to another facility nearby, where it is placed in a container to be picked up by the airline at the end of the day. The next day, your shipment flies to its destination. This means that it only takes 48 hours between the time the produce is harvested and the time it arrives at your warehouse.